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Feeling Organized

Melissa Stacey
Marblehead, MA, USA

Melissa started her company, Feeling Organized in 2006 because she wanted to find a way to combine her natural talents for organization and planning with her passion for helping people. Through Feeling Organized she has been able to use these skills to help her clients find creative solutions to their business and personal organizing challenges while also creating a successful small business and a fulfilling career.

Melissa specializes in organization for your home office and small business. She works with each client to create a unique organizing system that is geared toward their specific needs, lifestyle and/or work style. Some of Melissa’s expertise includes filing systems, paper management, closet spaces, offices, workflow and Operation Manuals for small businesses.

Melissa is the co-author of Get Organized Today - a fabulous tool for people who want to be organized but don't know where to start.  She is also a very active speaker on Boston’s North Shore, as well as the San Francisco Bay Area.

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