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Favorite Daughter Memberships Are Here!

Angela Rakis
Angela RakisPublished on June 15, 2022

Hello everyone,

We're ecstatic to announce our new Subscription Plans. We had you in mind when we designed our ongoing memberships: Second Brain is ongoing 1:1 entrepreneur/business consulting, and is ready for you to subscribe now.

Front Burner is a group plan (with some 1:1 attention). It is currently collecting interest, and will be launching soon. Please join the waitlist and fill out the survey... you'll be the first to know when it launches. Thank you to those of you already interested in Front Burner.

We really hope you'll follow this link, learn more and join us:

Favorite Daughter LLC Subscription Plans

Front Burner - Group

Join waitlist

Second Brain - 1:1

$349 /month

By subscribing you save + you can cancel anytime!

We can't wait to be a part of your lives month after month.

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