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Spark Your Creativity

Faith Wood
Faith WoodPublished on April 26, 2022

When it comes to solving problems, being connected to your creativity genious is key.

If you are anything like me, there are times when you simply don't feel like the creativity gene was passed along to you. Somehow it landed on others - like your super talented siblings.

It’s a delicate balance, isn’t it? Creativity is a mixture of nurture and nature. While many people are under the impression your creativity is assigned from birth, it’s not true. You can enhance it externally. For example, you may have a natural talent for the piano, but how will you ever know if you never sit down at a piano or take a lesson?

Likewise, your sibling might not have the same natural talent for the piano, but they did take lessons and they become a wildly successful concert pianist. One of you nurtured your creativity, one of you didn’t.

We all reach a point where we need a spark. Just as we all connect to our creativity differently. You may use your creativity to solve complex problems. Your partner may draw on their creativity to draw. Your child may use theirs to write poetry. There are all different types of creativity. No matter your personal creative endeavor, we all need to spark it into action sometimes. You, too, can spark your creativity.

1. Distance

When you run into a creative block, take a break! Sometimes a psychological distancing between you and the issue can help you spark your creativity. You can literally move to a different location or, you can visualize the block as being in a different location.

2. Inspiration Everywhere

Your environment plays an important role in your creativity. If you are sitting in a dull room, with surroundings that don’t inspire you, how can you expect to experience a wave of creativity? Create a stimulating environment to improve your creative process. What items motivate you? What things inspire you? Create a creative space that stimulates you and will automatically trigger creativity when you step into the space.

3. Daydreaming

There’s rarely a moment of your time where you’re not doing something. Instead of allowing ourselves to get bored and slip into a daydream we seek out entertainment. You don’t need to fill every idle moment with connectivity. Instead, you should allow your idleness to spark your creativity. Daydreaming is so good for the creative process, but it’s difficult to daydream if you don’t allow yourself to feel bored.

4. Indulge Emotions

You may have noticed that artists like Adele, Taylor Swift, and John Mayer have made their career on the back of breakup music. Positive emotions have always been linked to creativity, but the music we turn to when we’re sad is evidence that negative emotions are also linked to creativity. So, when you are feeling emotional, use that to spark your creativity. Negative emotions are unpleasant, but by using them to spark creativity you are effectively processing them while making yourself more productive.

5. Meditate

Meditation is good for what ails you. It’s also great for your creativity. Allowing everything else to leave your mind and focusing on the present is a great way to induce relaxation. As you relax, you invite new ideas and thoughts into your mind. Need to spark creativity? Take a quick meditation break! You can meditate without walking away from your desk or workspace.

6. Kind of Blue

Without diving too deeply into color psychology, blue is linked to creativity ( So, there are all different ways colors can impact your emotions, moods, and behaviors. For creativity, go blue! It makes people think more creatively because it inspires peace and tranquility.

People feel safer surrounded by the color blue, which means they feel more comfortable to explore their creativity. So, if you need to spark creativity, use blue. You might not want to paint a full room blue, but you can use visualizations or accessories instead.

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