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Faith Wood
Faith WoodPublished on June 28, 2022

While change is often a good thing, Decklin Kilgarry didn’t think it was necessarily so. After returning stateside following a prolonged period of time to figure out what the hell he was going to do with his life, realistic disappointment settled in, leaving him with one, stark realization . . .

Life without purpose wasn’t all that swell.It also became apparent retirement wasn’t that great, either. So, when a New York Detective and good friend requested his professional help, how could he refuse? Dragged into the depths of black-market murder, sinuous trails lead nowhere, always bringing him back to square one. Yet, when he least expects it, clues begin to surface, forcing him deeper into a world of desperation, diamonds, and duplicity.

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SOHO: A Decklin Kilgarry Mystery—Book 2 : Wood, Faith: Books

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