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Faith Wood
Coldstream, BC, Canada

Faith Wood, CEO of Inspiring Minds Consulting, specializes in conflict. A former Peace Officer and certified mediator, she’s refined her craft on those turbulent front lines. Her talent as a researcher, writer and novelist, contribute to clients raving over her relevant and practical advice.

For the past 20 years, Faith has been on a mission to transform the way we communicate, connect and contribute.  Combining a keen expertise in conflict de-escalation, pattern detection, and influential communication, she has literally “cracked the code” on what it takes to strengthen relationships and improve communications across all levels. 

Biases and assumptions alter our messages - with others and ourselves.  Our own inner dialogue can damage relationships.   People may listen to the quality of our messages and wonder if they should take our advice?  We each have an opportunity every single day to be kind, considerate, helpful and authentic - to be civil!

It’s not about right or wrong, good or bad, us or them. It’s about showing up with sincerity, being non-judgmental and putting our best selves out there all the time.

People are watching you. Will they like what they see?

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