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Euclid Design Co

Rachel Kwan
Grey Highlands, ON N0C, Canada

  • My name is Rachel, and I'm a florist who loves bringing you the best of local, Ontario-grown flowers.
  • I founded Euclid Design Co in Toronto in 2017. Since those early days in the big city, I've now moved to Grey County, where I work out of my studio in Grey Highlands, ON. From here, I deliver flowers to Collingwood, Creemore, Thornbury, the Blue Mountains, and beyond.
  • I've spent the past four years cultivating close relationships with local farms and flower growers, and pursuing environmentally-sustainable business practices wherever possible. Month after month, I aim to bring you the best of what grows right here at home. I never use floral foam in my designs, to protect the health of our rural water sources.
  • I look at nature's design as the example to follow. I love seeing how plants and flowers grow towards the light, and how each petal and leaf finds its own place on a stem or bush. My design approach gathers together clean, geometric elements with softer organic materials, striking a balance between symmetry and a sense of wildness and movement.
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