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Full Moon Recap + New Moon Preparation

Erin Anderson
Erin AndersonPublished on July 15, 2022

Hi Eadem Arbor Family,

We are so grateful everyone who was able to make it out to last night's Full Moon Flow out at the Kettle House in Bonner.

Check out our quick highlight from the event here

The weather was beautiful, the support of the artists was wonderful. We could have not been happier with everyone's participation and support of the local wellness and creative economy in Missoula.

As we mentioned to folks last night, we are launching our subscription series with our founder Erin Anderson & our new friends over at Subkit. Details are below.

The first New Moon Love Letter Series will be released on Thursday, July 28th at 11am.

Our online classes will start on Wednesday August 3rd.

Our in person classes at PuraVida in Billings, Montana will begin on Sunday 10am on August 21st.

If folks have any questions on the subscriptions please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

Eadem Arbor Subscription Plans

New Moon Love Letters

$7 /month

On Demand "Dear Jane" Series

$11 /month

4 Class Combo

$22 /month

8 Class Combo

$44 /month

4 Soul Sundays

$48 /month

The Works

$72 /month

1 on 1 Wellness Coaching with Erin

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