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Be Wise of Your Fruit on the Strawberry Moon.

Erin Anderson
Erin AndersonPublished on June 02, 2023

There are the moments when we realize that our whole life could shift with one decision, reaction, or when we ignore our intuition.

Intuition can often be clouded by fear based habits and behaviors - all of these created to shield, forget, and/or protect ourselves. These can often come in the form of over indulgence in pleasure and/or people pleasing. All are attached to a feeling of shame or unworthiness.

If fear and survival are what our bodies are used to feeling, discomfort becomes the default; regardless of how harmful the situation can be.

If discomfort has been our norm or our previous/continuous pattern in life - it's easy for us to go back to our old ways of coping, responding, explaining, participating, and ignoring the dis-ease that we are feeling in the present.

Some of us have these "moments" multiple times in our life - different people and scenarios, yet somehow the same or similar situation. Regardless of the drama or trauma attached to it, we default to a feeling.

Our bodies go with what we know, until we learn and do better for ourselves.

Essentially the universe keeps giving us situations or conditions - aka chances to love ourselves more or to show us what love truly is.

Wisdom is when we change our behavior based on experience and knowledge.

Wisdom is learning in action.

Wisdom is taking action to do and be better.

Wisdom is when we decide to become an active participant in our own lives.

Knowing is one thing. Making an informed and intuitive decision is another.

We hope that folks can give yourself the time, patience, and care in order for your fruit to ripen this month.

Listen to what your body is telling you. Learn from your past experiences. When you do this you step out of fear and into Love.

See you all soon!


This is the 6 year anniversary of PEACE's Full Moon Yoga Series. We are so grateful to be hosting this series out here in Montana for the past 3 years!

See you all out in Missoula & Billings this weekend and Bozeman next month (Details are listed below).


Our Founder Erin Anderson will be up in Missoula (technically at the Kettlehouse in Bonner) to lead the full moon flow this month.

She will be joined by artist Kyle Jengman for the artist popup to follow.

When: Saturday June 3rd | 6pm-8pm

Where: Kettlehouse Brewing Co | 605 Cold Smoke Ave. Bonner, MT 59823

What: 60 Minute Moon Flow and Meditation + Artist Popup + Complimentary Local Beverages

If it is sunny and dry, we will be outside. If we are outside, we recommend a blanket or towel, but a mat works as well.

If the ground is still wet or if it is still raining, we will be inside the brewery. Please bring your own mat.


We are so grateful to again partner with Limber Yoga and Wellness this month. If the weather is sunny and dry we will be on the rooftop deck and if not we will be in the studio, either way its guaranteed to be a beautiful experience.

When: Saturday June 3rd | 6pm - 7pm

Where: Limber Tree Yoga & Wellness | 27 Shiloh Road #7 Billings, MT 59102

Featured Teacher: Megan Begger

What: 60 Minute Moon Flow & Meditation

A few mats are available to borrow at the studio.


Seeing we do not have a permanent indoor space in Bozeman yet, we are cancelling tomorrow's class due to the weather.

Register for the next on Monday July 3rd with Mira Fox.

If you are a Bozeman and are an artist or know artists that would be interested in the artist popup to follow the flow, please email:


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