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Ebony Hartsfield
Rosedale, MD, USA

Hello, I am Ebony N. Hartsfield, Founder and CEO of ENH Services, LLC, a Women-Owned Small Business based out of Maryland that provides consulting services. My mission is to educate and equip other business owners with the skills to manage there day to day business operations, build exclusive brands that make a great 1st Impression, coach you through the start-up process and cultivate relationships that create a network.

I started in 2018 offering just Notary Public services for the State of Maryland. As I promoted and advertised my business, my network began to grow more. Building and expanding, offering new services with the skills I already had. Having conversations with friends that owned their businesses gave me the push I needed. I saw that my skills were what they needed to make them successful in their industries which motivated me to keep going, building, expanding, and touching as many business owners as I could. Being able to provide services that brings someone else’s dreams of entrepreneurship a reality is what provides the motivation needed to keep going.

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