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Travis T Romero
Travis T RomeroPublished on April 28, 2023

It's the ability to control one's actions, emotions, or urges.

Willpower is like a muscle. It needs to be tested and rested.

You can have many wants in your life. List a few small to large. Start with tiny wishes to strengthen your willpower and prepare for the significant desire. Prove to yourself that you can do it. It would help if you had some small wins to build your confidence.

Your willpower has two gears. You will only occasionally be able to hit the ground running and do what you must. Sometimes you need to downshift into low gear since your willpower needs to be more substantial. In those moments, we must do the things we need to do anyway. Some people may say I will do it when I feel like it. You may seldom feel like it, so you must act. This act will spark something inside, build confidence, lead to additional ideas, and shift you into high gear.

The word is willpower; you need the power to perform your actions, physically and mentally. We should conserve vital energy and life force. Performing personal routines and rituals makes us more self-disciplined and boosts our self-control and willpower. It causes fewer decisions to be made.

Let's cover more options to improve your willpower.

Eating foods with a shorter shelf-life gives energy, such as fruits and vegetables, drinking natural spring water, and getting proper sleep. Take moments to breathe deeply with your eyes closed, calming your mind.

Talk with a friend, spend time with a loved one, or be in nature.

Feel whatever emotion you need to feel, do not hold it in, and laugh or cry if needed.

De-clutter your living space, and sort it out later.

Keep your vision in focus as a motivating factor.

Let's cover some options that drain your willpower.

Being tired and hungry does not help.

Consuming processed and sugary food and drink has its effects.

Information overload, too much info, your brain needs to stop and process it. Doubting yourself is never a good idea; negative people and self-talk are brutal, including fear and anxiety.

Being mindful of ways to increase willpower and things to avoid to conserve willpower will benefit each of us. Be good to yourself.

You've got the power; harness it and do what you want!

In the words of Steve Jobs, " Don't be afraid; you can do it." Newsletter

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