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Raise your standards, develop routines and consistency.

Travis T Romero
Travis T RomeroPublished on September 27, 2023

Some people in this world want their life to change for the better. Realize that if you want things to change, you have to change. Usually, I discuss one idea or topic in blog posts. I wish to inform you of three traits that work together for your success and benefit. Standards, routines, and consistency are key factors to level up your development. These skills can help you manage your life to the best of your ability and achieve success. Athletes, thriving businesses, inventors, and the like have used these skills to get positive results.

Standards can help us perform to a certain level. By now, we have learned to be accustomed to specific ways of doing things; we may also not allow certain events or situations into our lives. It means that the person has defined certain degrees or limits, and they try to adhere to them at all times. Generally, this applies to moral, ethical habits, or esthetics and can apply to many things, referred to as standards. Some people have standards above the norm. High standards are excellent, make us rise above the status quo, and involve not settling for a lower version of an event or circumstance. Once we set a standard for living in different areas of life, the bar can be raised easily enough to a higher standard than before. We can perform with a higher degree of perseverance to get results. This computes to striving toward a degree of excellence. Standards also make you more efficient. There is only one way to go. It's like having a set of rules to live by. Standards set you up for success.

Routines are a set of regular procedures and practices that we perform daily. They require a conscious and concerted effort to start. Routines also have benefits like reducing stress, leading to better mental health, more time to relax, and less anxiety. Routines can stabilize our daily lives, such as having meals and rest at regular intervals, creating comfort and stability. Life feels more relaxed when we have focused routines. This sense of normalcy allows us to cope with unpredictable changes. It provides direction to follow and decreases stress by promoting feelings of structure. Routines help us to manage daily habits that lead to self-care, be it eating a healthy diet, regular physical activity, reading, meditation, or just having a cup of hot herbal tea. The possibilities are endless. Develop specific ways of thinking in your routine. Think about positive outcomes in your life, and be grateful for what you have and what is coming your way. We can organize our time around essential things to maintain happiness and fulfillment. A positive morning routine is necessary and affects the rest of your day. If you want to improve your life, add a step to your routine. Real, lasting change, which leads to transformation, happens over time, one small step at a time.

Consistency is the critical driver for success and leads to momentum. Someone who's consistent always behaves in the same way, has the same attitudes towards people or things, or achieves the same level of success in just about everything. Consistency means we are dedicated and focused on our goals, managing the things and activities to achieve them. Practicing consistency instills discipline and makes us concentrate on what we must do. Consistency also builds confidence. It is the key to making lasting changes and mastering skills. It also helps us to stay motivated and avoid burnout. However, it requires a long-term commitment and sustained effort to do actions repeatedly, and worth it.

The compound effect of these skills can lead to unfathomable heights of accomplishment and fulfillment. The more you practice, the easier it gets. These three skills are intertwined because they depend on each other immensely and make the results successful. Nothing in your life will change unless you alter your daily routine somehow. You can achieve whatever you set your sights on with standards, routines, and consistency. What are you thinking about? Start to ponder what you want in life. Feel you having it emotionally! You must believe it's yours to receive! Go for the gusto! Newsletter

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