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Travis T Romero
Travis T RomeroPublished on September 27, 2022

Today I want to talk with you about your life. What does it consist of? How can your life be compared to the process of building a house and living inside this house? First, understand that we are all programmed by our surroundings between birth and seven. We form current belief systems from this programming and comprehend how the world around us works, or at least our perception of it. We get this from our family interactions and form our beliefs from what family members say, adopting their beliefs as our own because they are the authority figures in our lives; there is not even a question. It must be a fact since we do not know better; our family members received the same kind of adopted programming. Relational dynamics develop through these several years of life. Thus, the foundation of our thinking and, therefore, our house is set, and we build from there. We reach the age of reasoning and make sense of our place in the world.

It is time to build some walls, and we do just that from the beliefs and truths we hold dear. Life progresses, we experience more, and our ideas continue to develop. Deductions about beliefs are made with continued relations along with surroundings and interactions. Some views may be made stronger or weaker; some may be added, and some deleted. Hence, our facilities for life and the house are installed.

It is time to furnish our house and our life by this time. We are at the age to start deciding how we would like our lives to proceed and look.

Our beliefs continued to develop and made firm. Some of us take things more seriously, and some do not. Education of likes or just common sense starts taking place. All these sorts of occurrences take place in addition to viewing how our life is progressing.

On a side note: are you listening to others tell you how your life and house should be built? Are you living your life in reaction to other people's views, or are you living by your actions? It's ok to consider advice or suggestions, but ultimately the decision is yours, no one else's. Remember, It's your life.

By this time, we have become of age, the age of 18. We are given the keys to living in the house we have built ourselves and with the help of others. It is now time to live on our own and continue with our life, or at least that is what society has told us. This case may hold for some but not all. You may still need more experience. Regardless of the case, at 18, you are free to live your life on your terms. Some of us get a roommate in our house and life, develop a relationship and get married, add on, and have children, which complicates matters. At this point in your life, some may have just about given up on your progress, and life happens, and you settle into living your married life. Others pursue their initial direction and see it thru with some success.

You may make another alteration, some of us get divorced, change careers, change locations, and even health and psychological issues may happen. We can experience different types of traumas that can skew our development. Some or all of these things can happen at any point throughout our lives. Some of us may not experience this at all. It's different for everyone. Maybe things are a little out of your control, and you are doing what society expects from you. Like I was for many years. I can personally attest that time can get away from you, and many years can pass before you wake up or possibly keep living in that state. You can look back and see it all happening so fast and wonder, wow, this is what my life has turned into, for the better or the worst.

At some point in your life, you need to stop and examine what parts of your life are serving you the best and worst. Aspects of your life may need to be altered and changed; change can be fearful but necessary for our evolution. Our life consists of the choices we have made, either conscious or unconscious, over the years. We must wake up and take complete control of our lives.

You are not what has happened to you. You are much more than these things which have affected your existence today. It would help if you stood tall throughout all of the seasons of your life—Ready for the next season, more resilient and robust from these experiences. Do not let the world distract you with all of the negativity. Take your eyes off of the train wreck. One must forget all the crap in the world, which we cannot control, and live with focus. Focus on all the blessings to live a happy life! Keep your eye on the prize. Decide what you want and keep striving to achieve it. Is it making a difference in the world, leaving a legacy, helping others, or being a great parent or mentor? Maybe it is self-control, self-mastery, or just living a happy life. It's your life.

Your life, in general, can have two different pains, the pain of discipline or the pain of regret. Which pain will you endure? Do not let another year go by without reflecting on these facts and doing something to improve your life. It is never too late to move your life in a better direction.

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