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Emily Marquis

Emily Marquis
Salida, CO 81201, USA

I am a woman, mother, wife, and lover of life. I am originally from Massachusetts and grew up loving the access both to the mountains and the beach. Many states and countries in between I am now settled in the beloved Salida, Colorado with my family-husband, kids, and extremely loved dog. I love being outside in nature as much as possible. You’ll find me on the trail in all seasons, skiing, rafting, hiking, writing, and reading. When you can’t I enjoy a good binge watch, podcast, or board game.

Professionally, I wear many hats centered around serving people. I am a board-certified health and wellness coach working in private practice, in partnership with health care practitioners, professor/instructor, research partner, speaker/writer, yoga/meditation instructor, and entrepreneur. I work with people of all ages and backgrounds from teens to older adults. I partner with practitioners, schools, and organizations.

I believe in the power of connection, nature, and life itself. It seems as though we are surrounded by distractions, to-do lists, social expectations and negativity that steer us away from who we really are. I believe life and the people and experiences in it are our teachers and guide back to our Self. In this, I am a life long student of life and am fascinated by learning from books, teachers, and experiences. Since life has so much to offer and we are often so busy and distracted, I really settling into the pause, celebration, connection and continuous new beginnings. I’m your everyday woman and Mom who doesn’t have it all figured out, but when I find some hacks that work I love being able to serve others in the same way.

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