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Does My Kiddo Need Academic Coaching?

Dominique Benson
Dominique BensonPublished on August 22, 2022

I get a lot of questions about what is the benefit of academic coaching. I'm happy to break it down for you!

Here are a few of the questions:

1. What is academic tutoring?

Academic tutoring is a partnership between a student & coach that focuses on how the student learns and the best track to pursue. It's the same as any other coach, ie an athletic coach helps their team members become better players and an academic coach help students become better students.

2. What is the purpose of academic coaching?

The purpose of academic coaching to ensure your student has built good study habits, maintainable organizational skills, and plan for their educational future.

3. What age should I start considering academic coaching?

This depends on the student! A kiddo who wants to achieve National Merit (PSAT) needs to start earlier than someone who wants a decent score on the SAT/ACT. The student that is worried about PSAT needs to start in 8th grade whereas the typical student needs to start when they start high school.

4. What is the difference between academic coaching and a guidance counselor?

Guidance counselors are a type of academic coach. Unfortunately, many guidance counselors are overwhelmed with their student load so they are difficult to get ahold of and set appointments. Having an academic coach allows students to get the attention that they deserve.

5. Is college planning a part of academic coaching?

YES! I even help the student pick a major, college, and major.

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