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Eli  Walker
Eli WalkerPublished on March 02, 2022

Happy March, Subscriber!




We’ll dive deeper into the meaning of “container” as it relates to your personal and professional narratives, and I’ll send you a short yoga video + meditation recording with a few easy tips on how to quickly shift your emotions by changing the “container” of your body in time and space. (Stuff I do all the time before teaching a big event, speaking in front of a large group, or going on a date with a guy I like!)


-> download Heart Chakra mp3 audio

-> download Restorative Yoga video

-> download Vinyasa Yoga video

->  February's roundtable discussion

-> register for this month's roundtable on Wednesday (03/30) @ 1PM (Topic: How to 'set the stage' for your gatherings as soon as the invites are sent!)

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