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Contain Yo-Self

Eli  Walker
Eli WalkerPublished on April 09, 2022

What’s a “container”? 

If you’ve heard me speak, you’ve heard me say the word “container”--specifically as it relates to our personal and communal narratives, or, “stories.” 

And if you’ve heard me say the word, “container,” you’ve probably thought to yourself, “What the eff is a ‘container’?” 

…Which is, honestly? A great question. 

I use the word container to describe any aspect of our environments that are physically movable, malleable, and/or changeable. 

Think of a theatrical stage…the “container” would be the lighting, the set design, the direction the audience faces, if/when there’s an intermission, as well as certain elements of the script.

Think of a meeting room…are you addressing your people standing or seated? Is there a rectangular conference table with rigid edges or is there a more circular, inclusive seating arrangement? Are there plants and natural light, or are you producing a dreary, fluorescent situation? Powerpoint or podium? Snacks or coffee? Decisions, decisions!

Now, think about your personal life's containers…(I mean, aren't we always?) An example: if you’re still living in the same apartment you lived in with your ex, and each day is a constant struggle because you can’t stop thinking about him/her and the life that could-uh been…move into a new apartment. Are there clothes all over your bedroom floor? Post-its covering your desk? Is the temperature too cold to focus?  #changethecontainer 

When you consider my Divine Your Story™ formula *(Containers inform perspectives and perspectives inform your stories), you can begin to see how [your choices about] your physical environments directly impact the stories that you tell about your experience(s), and subsequently, the quality of your life.

After all…isn’t the only measuring tool for the quality of one’s life the narrative thread(s) that weave it together?



Containing from within...(and also without.)

Enjoy this 9 minute Pranayama (breathwork) video where I show you how I reorganize my personal container (ahem, my body) every morning.


What's a "story" you're experiencing that's not working? Could be a energetic story you're repeating within the gatherings you facilitate, or an arena of your life that needs some replenishing with new perspectives. Make a list of the all of the physical, movable and malleable aspects of the environment in which these stories take place...(office? bedroom? kitchen? Zoom?)...and brainstorm ideas on ways to experiment with new structure. Use trial and error to build a new container over the next few weeks...and let me know how it goes!

-> Download meditation mp3.

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