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Mark Bentz
Vancouver, BC, Canada

I lost my vision at nine years old. Becoming an RMT provided me with a great avenue for a career because I could rely on more than just my eyesight. But, I always knew deep down that I wanted to do more than that because I knew that losing my eyesight was only going to get more challenging the further along I went. So, in 2001, I opened my first clinic. By 2007, I stopped practicing and became the clinic owner full-time.

My motivation is two-fold: my blindsight taught me resiliency and motivates me constantly to build and create a thriving business. I also love problem-solving, which is something that, as a business owner, you do every day.

I am an RMT and the CEO of a multidisciplinary health and wellness clinic. Our clients come from all walks of life - dealing with injuries from motor vehicle accidents, acute and chronic conditions, professional athletes, etc. We offer a multidisciplinary approach to rehabilitation and wellness (physiotherapy, RMT, chiropractic, acupuncture, counseling, naturopathy) which gives our clients the best possible outcome for their health goals - no matter what they are.

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