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Menopause Wellness Coach

Eileen Franco
Bergenfield, NJ, USA

Eileen Franco is a Certified Holistic Wellness Coach from the International Association of Wellness Professionals (IAWP). 

She helps businesswomen solve their challenges with menopause. As a business women herself and having gone through the transition, she knows how it impacts every day life and career. She empowers women with knowledge, natural strategies and tools to reclaim their body and reverse symptoms. Through a holistic approach, she coaches her clients in creating a physical transformation so they can feel amazing again. 

She has been a guest on several Podcasts spreading the message of wellness and  how to navigate menopause successfully. She's been featured as Holistic Wellness Coach in the Ultimate Guide to Becoming Your Best Self from the International Association of Wellness Professional, monthly newsletters and social media events.

She has 3 children and worked in Corporate America for 36 years. After experiencing a health break down 8 months in to her transition in to peri(menopause) and having to reclaim her health, she resigned from her corporate job to align with her heart and help other women during this transition. To educate them on what is happening during this natural process, and what they can do to recover their body with natural solutions. 

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