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We've Created a Virtual Cafe

Heather Barrie
Heather BarriePublished on September 24, 2021

At last - we've found a gathering/community platform that we love.....

We're not great fans of Slack (it's chaotic), Facebook (non searchable and it belongs to Zuckerberg) or LinkedIn groups (they so basic) and none of them give us an easy place to store and find content and most importantly, there's nowhere to hang out digitally...... so we've searched and searched and used our experience of other styles of groups and at last, Ike from JFDI (member shoutout) found us Discord..... it's a simple to use and it seems that it enables us to do everything that we want to do......

This is an invite - please come and join and come and play - we're going to host Learning Lounges and Get Shit Done Days and Online CoWorking and more......

See you there!

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