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The Power of Social Learning

Heather Barrie
Heather BarriePublished on September 24, 2021

In the beginning there was social learning. Younger members of the tribe would huddle by the fire and learn from their elders and siblings. As primary children we may remember the “Show & Tell” lessons when we would take in a favourite toy or something and tell the class all about it.

Somewhere along the way, we were then funnelled into formal programmatic learning where we copied down the “words of wisdom” from a blackboard and we committed to memory, the days for battles and key historical events. Learning became a chore.

Now that we are navigating the world as entrepreneurs – how do we learn?

Well, we’re coming back full circle. We believe it’s better to learn from others who have overcome similar challenges or found handy tools to help them along the way. Social learning is what we’ll be doing fortnightly in our new Learning Lounge!

You don’t need a classroom and you don’t need to sit around a fire. Just come to Discord every fortnight and let’s learning together. We are all teachers and all learners.

Join Discord here and be an active member of the Cafe!

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