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Defrag your Day

Heather Barrie
Heather BarriePublished on October 14, 2021

Do you remember the days when we had to Degfrag our computers?

Computer fragmentation

Fragmentation happened when your computer saved information in small bits across the hard drive that were not necessarily together or close to each other. When it recalled this data, it must search several places, taking up time and energy; it also causes slowdowns in program and operating system functions. I guess that today's powerful computer can handle this, or maybe the defragging happens automatically in the background. I don't know. Please let me know it the comments. Anyway, that's not the main point of this post.

Human fragmentation

We flit from one notification to another, jumping channel and tasks. We then become distracted and sidetracked and it takes us an age to get back into the groove. Whatever happened to focused working in a state of flow?

Benefits of a Defragmentation

If you time block your days and group similar tasks together, you can avoid the inefficiencies of having an overly fragmented day.

You will gain the human equivalent of the below computer benefits. See our earlier post on the benefits of time blocking

Faster Applications

Programmes run faster and more efficiently when the data is grouped together for easier access.

Extended Hard Drive Life

The mechanical parts of the drive have to travel less distance when the data is all in one place, thereby reducing wear and tear on the drive itself.

Reduced Errors

The process of defragmentation can often point out and avoid bad sectors that could potentially cause damage if your data was saved in this area.

Have you already done this? If so, please share your stories and top tips.

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