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Nicole Marchand
Nova Scotia, Canada

Nicole Marchand, RD, owner & lead dietitian of Eat Well Halifax / Eat Well NS has a passion for helping people take control of their health and feel confident about making the right dietary and lifestyle decisions for better health and longevity.

Nicole completed her Bachelor of Science in Applied Human Nutrition with Distinction in 2010 from Mount Saint Vincent University in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Throughout her decade long career as a dietitian, she has had a strong interest in digestive health and has been helping clients develop the resources and tools needed to promote healthy digestion, to reduce inflammation and therefore, to reduce risk of illness and ensure a high quality of life.

Nicole has been studying and researching gut health and metabolic health for more than 10 years and she focuses on ailments related to our digestive tract and poor metabolic health which includes ailments from IBS and GERD to Type 2 diabetes, allergies and other inflammatory diseases. Nicole believes that you can develop a healthy relationship with food and optimize your health when you have the tools and resources to navigate a healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle.

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