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Dr. Linda Bing
Atlanta, GA, USA

Early in life, even before I had the words to articulate the situation, I knew that not all people in America were being treated equally and equitably. Over time, I learned to identify marginalized groups and many of the inequities they face. Being a member of some of those groups and the mother of children who also are marginalized in America, it is my mission and my ministry to bring about change. That is what motivates me every single day.

We are in the business of transforming lives! When Turning Point Leadership Group partners with an organization, our goal is to assist them in increasing diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging in their workplace culture. That is an essential part of the leadership development and enhanced productivity that organizations need. Partnering may also require working with individuals to coach their behavior. That's where our coaching capabilities through come into play.

Lastly, we provide health and wellness products because health is our real wealth. These products are available at arbonne. Our customers are organizations and individuals who need a turning point.

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