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November Round Up

Dram Fine
Dram FinePublished on December 03, 2022

How did everyone's Sober November turn out? We will admit, we didn't even attempt such a feat as we are constantly tempted by some of the finest drams a couple of whisky podcasters could ask for -- but congrats to all of those who made it! Now that you're back, let's chat about some of that good good juice we were able to sample this month.

Chelsey attended the Basil Hayden Dinner in Calgary at the Nash a few weeks ago to try three glorious selections from their Portfolio. The line-up: Kentucky Straight Bourbon, Toast and the Dark Rye. We will admit, we are a bit green when it comes to American whisky, but considering Basil Hayden whiskies are considered a softer, gentler whisky beast (they don't proof over 80), it was a perfect opportunity to try some very accessible and unique flavour profiles. They were all tasty, for sure, but let's talk about the Dark Rye as it was truly unique (and a bit polarizing).

The Dark Rye is a blend of Kentucky straight rye and Canadian rye (from Alberta, woot!) finished with some California port. Right off the bat, an innovative combination. With very rich chocolate and banana notes throughout, it was almost like a blend of a flavoured whisky and a single malt which is probably why it was nicely paired with dessert -- if only they served banoffee pie! If there are any port lovers out there, this whiskey really leans into the wine influence on this one. However, if you're looking for a classic rye profile, you're best trying the Kentucky Straight Bourbon.

Speaking of non-scotch whiskey, have you checked out our latest Wee Drams? We taste the Legendary Silkie Irish Whiskey which, for the price point, NEEDS TO BE TRIED, WE CAN'T STRESS THIS ENOUGH.

Well, folks, we hope the beginnings of the Holiday season are treating you well. Enjoy cracking open those whisky advent calendars! And if you don't have one, we suggest a month-long drinking game where you have a sip anytime you hear All I Want for Christmas is You. Best of luck.


- C & P

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