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Matthew Thompson
Matthew ThompsonPublished on July 10, 2022

Hello everyone, my Name is Matthew Thompson.

I’m eager to say the subscriptions from Dorris Lane Candles will launch on July 12!! I am very excited to be able to share my products with you and to enchant your homes with cleansing and uplifting aromas. Please let me know which of the scents we offer that you would like in your subscriptions. If you want, I can select for you in a semi random manner matching the scents together.

All our available scents are on along with their descriptions and scent notes. I will leave a list below of them as well. I’m always trying to create more scents and add more diversity. Over time more and more fragrances and exciting changes will be implemented. I look forward to having my products take you on a journey and bring you positive emotions.

Citron Mandarin              Berry me Crazy                 Seaside Dreams               

Pineapple Sage Cucumber Melon             Hazelnut Baklava   

Strawberry Margarita    Palo Santo Tropical Beach Vibes  

Moonlight Lavender       Peach Mojito                     Morning Brew

Lemon Blueberry Cobbler

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