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Who is Dr. Christine Sauer?

Dr. Christine Sauer MD ND
Dr. Christine Sauer MD NDPublished on August 17, 2022

I , Dr. Christine Sauer, MD ND, grew up in Germany, raised two sons and became a physician. (family doctor, dermatologist, allergologist)

I worked for several years in my late ex-husband's family and naturopathic practice and then took a second residency in dermatology, naturopathy, allergology and phlebology (leg vein diseases). After being board-certified for these specialties I then opened my own practice in Germany, which grew rapidly.

Due to personal physical, followed by mental illness, I had to give up and sell my medical practice in Germany.

After my ex-husband's death by suicide my sons and herself came to Halifax, NS in 1997.

Watch me tell some of my story in this 5 min video... You can watch more videos and review some of my certificates on my website.

I went through a deep health crisis and -  after partially recovering - started actively searching for the newest and best nutrition, lifestyle, medical etc. information. I eventually aligned my life with all my knowledge, experience and - utilizing help from other health professionals - became healthy again.

I then, after studying and taking multiple courses, (find most of her qualifications and German licenses below) decided to open my own Brain and Mental Health Coaching Business to share my knowledge and experience and my unique view of conventional, alternative, functional and integrative medicine as well as my skills and knowledge in personal and character development, habit-forming, inspiration, enthusiasm and love with other people to help them re-build their health from the ground up.

I further educated myself, became a Certified Brain and Mental Health Professional & Coach, Licensed Brain Trainer (by Dr. Daniel Amen MD), joined Dr. Amen's Teaching Team, a Licensed Neuroencoding Specialist (a practical variant of NLP created by Dr. Joseph McClendon III, joined his teaching team also), a Certified Havening Techniques® Practitioner, Hypnotherapist,  and am now working to help others overcome their challenges, optimize their Brain Health with my unique Recover Your Sparkle-System.

Dr. Christine is a prolific writer, bestselling author, course creator, radio and podcast host, engaging speaker and a dedicated team leader, researcher and educator/teacher.

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