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Rich Levene
Austin, TX, USA

Rich was a great manager and thought he was a leader. Realizing he was not a leader and was willing to learn and grow, Rich sought his Masters of Science in Leadership & Change. Rich went from managing his team to leading his team. Rich is on a mission to train managers on how to lead teams. Businesses want specialists - a.k.a managers - to manage the business - but your business needs leaders to grow and achieve its full potential.

Rich's first book, You Are Doing It Wrong! - Stop Managing and Start Leading, hits retail shelves in June of 2022. Chronicling his personal growth journey from manager to leader, Rich summarizes his growth and shares his key values to becoming a leader-follower can trust.

Rich is also a TTI Insights value-added associate. While being passionate about leadership, he has developed skills to improve company cultures and communication. Not willing to back down from a challenge, Rich is like to lead with his red 'D' behavior type. He thinks big and is creative with solving problems while remaining objective and realistic.

Core skills include change management, strategic planning, mentoring, team building, and operational improvement based on the fundamental premise of putting people first while keeping your bottom line in mind.

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