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Dianna Bellerose
Los Angeles, CA, USA

Dianna Bellerose was born and raised in eastern Europe to a working class family. She spent most of her childhood with her grandparents.

In 2004, she graduated from Edmonds Community College with an Associates of Arts degree. She is fluent in three languages and enjoys gardening, photography, drawing and exploring other cultures. She has a passion for writing about families and the obstacles they face in their lives, which has led her to also coaching individuals in achieving their own dreams and finding their purpose.

Dianna is a well known author of “Fire and Ice”, which was an award winner NABE in the winter of 2012. She has been featured on Women’s Essence Magazine in the August issue of 2012 and in Angie’s Diary Online Magazine in the July 2013 issue for her achievements with this book.

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