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DFitLife- Health Coaching to help you Own Your Wellness

Daniella Dayoub Forrest
Palo Alto, CA, USA

As a health coach I work with people of all ages and challenges to really own their wellness. We look at nourishment, movement, genetics, stress management, supplementation, and even some lab work to uncover the best way for them to not only reach their goals but to optimize their health over the long term.  I will help you parse through all the conflicting and often confusing health advice you find online.  Together, we can distill it down into simple strategies that support your unique needs and goals. 

Personally, I developed an eating disorder in my teens and was then diagnosed with osteoporosis in my 20's. I realized that my choices were what ended me in a health crisis. Making changes, and owning my wellness, is the only way I can get better. Showing my clients that they actually have agency in their health, watching them really step up and feel great, is what keeps me going.


  • Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner.  Learn more here

  • Whole Health Educator- NIWH

  • Corrective Exercise Specialist (CES) and

  • Performance Exercise Specialist (PES)- NASM

  • Certified Personal Trainer- ACE, NCSF

  • TRX Group Training Coach

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