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Fractional CFO and Accounting

Daryl Ching
Toronto, ON, Canada

My background is in investment banking at RBC Capital Markets. I started my own consulting firm to help companies raise capital and do a proper investor presentation, business plan, and financial projections. My business strategy pivoted when my clients asked if I could be their CFO. I came to the realization that most small businesses were operating with no financial expertise and were making major business decisions with huge cash flow implications based on gut. This snowballed into a major extension of my service offering to include CFO strategic advice, monthly financial statements, gross margin analysis, and helping business owners execute their business plans after they raise capital.

Vistance Capital Advisory is a full-service financial advisory firm that levels the playing field for small businesses. The service received by small businesses from the accounting industry begins and ends with financial statements and tax filings. For those companies that cannot afford a full-time CFO, we fill the gaps with capital raising, monthly financials with KPIs, real-time advice for constant improvement, cash flow budgeting, and strategy. We work collaboratively with our clients and take care of all the finance, so they focus on what they do best - sales, marketing, and managing operations.

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