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Danielle Hughes
Charlotte, NC, USA

My passion for helping others, especially women and girls, began in childhood. I witnessed a number of situations where women and/or girls did not have the same access as men/boys to education, healthcare, and general independence. I knew early on that supporting people was important and worthwhile work and that I would be part of it.

Over the years, I've been discerning my place in the helping industry. I've done all sorts of things and worked with all kinds of people - non-profit services, case management, residential care, day treatment facilities, detention center services, hospice care, and, more recently, private practice mental health care. These experiences, along with others, helped shape me and give me a clearer sense of what I'm truly passionate about. And, it always seems to come back to supporting women.

I now specialize in supporting women who are experiencing anxiety. And I get to do it through clinical counseling, coaching, and, most recently, yoga. I absolutely love that I get to support women through a mind, body, and spirit approach. It feels very holistic to me.

I help women reduce anxiety and live full, authentic lives through mental health counseling, coaching, and yoga.

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