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Common Soft Skills For Entry Level

Lawrese Brown
Lawrese BrownPublished on July 13, 2022


Deloitte has projected that soft skill intensive occupations will account for two-thirds of all jobs by 2030. In previous articles, we identify the soft skills needed for entry-level jobs. Here, we pinpoint the common terms jobs use to signify which soft skills are most important for the position.


Learn the terms referring to soft skills and know what they really mean.

  • A continuous learner is also called “coachable.” This means having an attitude or mindset that’s focused on continuous improvement.

  • Being proactive is also called a “self-starter.” This means taking initiative when given a new task or presented with a problem.

  • Collaborative also means “being a team player.” This means awareness of how an individual’s actions contribute to the success of a team outcome or goal.

  • Being a strategic thinker is also called being “solutions-oriented.” This means once a problem has been identified you are determined to develop and provide answers or solutions.

  • Having good communication and presentation skills is also called being a “strong communicator.” This means the ability to clearly and concisely express an idea or information to a colleague, customer or listener in a manner they can readily understand.


Want to be considered a self-starter in the workplace? Choose the soft skill that needs improvement.

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