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One-On-One Accompaniment

Vea Coronado
Vancouver, BC, Canada

Hey! It's Vea. I offer accompaniment to entrepreneurs and those going through life and career transition. Accompaniment can be a practical advice, a fresh perspective, or a supportive hand as you journey through life, career, business, and everything else in between.

When I'm not doing accompaniment work, you'll catch me going on long walks, thrifting, or catching up with friends. At home, I often play the guitar, sew, read books, and basically do anything else to avoid washing the dishes. I live with a husband that I love and a cat that I tolerate. I wear many hats, metaphorically and literally. While I have companions all over the world, I am grateful to live within the ancestral, traditional, and unceded territory of the Kʷikʷəƛ̓əm (Kwikwetlem), Qiqéyt (Key-Kayt), and Coast Salish Nations, or what is known to some as New Westminister, British Columbia, Canada. I'm actively seeking collaborations, speaking engagements, and casual chats anchored in community aid, slow fashion, Truth and Reconciliation, youth empowerment, and Christian and Ecumenical ministries.

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