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Health Alkemy

Craig Lane
Santa Cruz, CA, USA

Health Alkemy is more than nutrition, or herbs or even Craig's brilliant assessment system.

Health Alkemy is a team, a community of people, but the public mostly sees Craig Lane, the founder. But behind the scenes, Craig is leading a training group on how to be a good nutrition and health professional. And how to interface with MD's, hospitals and learning to be a "medical advocate."

For the less enthusiastic ones not wanting to dive so deep, Health Alkemy offers a Natural Law - How to Thrive in the Game of Life Group. This explores health and nutrition, personal emotions and psychic space, along with Common Law. Most of us do not understand how important words are, and how manipulated we are by them.

Health Alkemy is leading the field in education in a new way. We have Community Dinners every week with a potluck and filmed discussion. We teach life as process, not as fixed static images and fixed static chemistry. Chemistry and photographs are valuable, but they are dead and lifeless, we are here to explore life not death.

Health Alkemy offers to those who want to live a higher more aligned life with Nature and Health a chance to do so.

We have memberships which offer discounts, classes, groups, and services.

Health Alkemy also puts on live events in person and on Zoom. Check our calendar page for more details.

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