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Kristin Heidbreder
Kristin HeidbrederPublished on November 15, 2022

Hello Friends! I'm Kristin (aka Kiki) from Colorado. I am an entrepreneur who created "Crafty Chassis" a mobile arts and crafts truck. Similar to a food truck but instead of delivering food (don't eat the glue, lol) I deliver DIY Art to events for an engaging experience. I'm putting more art into the world one party at a time! I figured it would be great to continue spreading the DIY Art JOY to a larger audience through this sub kit platform.

Each month you will receive the materials to make a functional piece of artistic home decor along with a link to an online tutorial of me teaching you how to make each project. FYI, I used to work behind the scenes in TV production. These videos are bare bones, I'm not an editor or a professional actor, just an artist who is passionate about inspiring you to BE YOUR INNER ARTIST!

*PSST...these make great gifts!* :-)

Please follow me for some tips on up-cycled DIY Art at home, and become a member of my monthly subscription kits if you want to be cool, be crafty and have FUN!

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