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Darius Little
Darius LittlePublished on July 23, 2022

Unheard of Small Business? Celebrity? Large Corporation? Mom and Pop startup? Non Profit in need of direction?

We serve celebrities, professional athletes, top politicians and everyday people! Little's Executive Business Consulting is here and readily available to assist you in reaching your organizational benchmarks.- Small Business, Non Profit & Corporate Development- Multi-Party Political Consulting [State and Federal level Political Candidates only; we assist local City/County municipal candidates on a rare, case-by-case basis].- Footprint Optimization, Marketing & Client base-building- Private Capital Recruitment & Fundraising- Government Relations- Government Contracting, Contract Procurement, Grant exploration, etc.- Charter School Development Consulting- Emergency/Crisis Rapid Response Consulting

We are your One Stop Shop for Top Shelf Business and Corporate Development. Contact us TODAY to #Elevate your operation. Schedule your Consultation Today!


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