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Evelyn Wiseman
Evelyn WisemanPublished on November 12, 2021

Talking about the holidays in mid-November feels premature... unless you own a small business. In which case, you've probably been thinking about them for too long already.

The holiday shopping spree is when most businesses are the busiest. There's a lot of pressure to kill it so you have saved enough to get you through the slower winter months. Luckily, if you collect jolly subscribers, too, the income earned will remain steady into 2022.

Here are six suggestions for you to try this wintertide.

1.) Make a discount code for your new December subscribers! Log into Stripe --> Products --> Coupons and make a code for your community to save a lil' this December if they commit to you longterm.

2.) This isn't the time of year to be shy. People are spending and you deserve to be earning! This said, there is a lot of noise online right now. So it's a great idea to up your social media cadence, boost some posts and remind people about all of the goodness you offer.

3.) While you're making your December To Do list, don't forget to make a list of your own favourite small businesses. If you celebrate the holidays, spend your money with them. If you don't have what someone is after, recommend them. Good juju is real.

4.) When you're smokin' busy, you need rest to keep going. Proper recharge days. Take some funny breaks.

5.) Language support alert! If you're a health and wellness small business, here is a little bit of language to inspire you: Don't wait until New Year's to resolve to take better care of yourself. Begin your journey now with us, and use the code xx when you subscribe and save xx!

6.) Language support alert! If you're a product or content based small business, here is a little bit of language to inspire you: Don't just shop for loved ones, treat yo'self! Give yourself a gift that keeps on giving by subscribing to xx.

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