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Evelyn Wiseman
Evelyn WisemanPublished on March 18, 2022

We may believe that launching is a lifestyle and not a one day event, but that doesn't mean we don't love a good launch email. Clear copy, a gorgeous image and lots of links to your subscription plans are a launch emails' best friends.

Here are six things to make your launch email sing

1.) As much as people try not to judge a book by its cover, they still judge an email by its subject. So make your post headline AKA email subject something exciting that your community will want to check out: Huge News From XX, We're Excited to Announce..., You Ask For It, You Get It!, Please Join Our New Community!

2.) Emails aren't just words anymore. Use the + on the left of Posts in Subkit to upload images, videos or audio and also to insert your subscription plans (it'll make a beautiful button for your community to follow):

3.) KISS. Keep it simple, sweetie! This email doesn't need to be an opus. You're going to be telling people a lot about your plans in the coming weeks, so keeping this short and sweet is a great idea. Want to steal some language? Here you go! NB: We do recommending adding just a bit more specific language about your business/plan to your launch email. ;)

Hello community!


We're ecstatic to announce our new Subscription Plans. We had you in mind when we designed our ongoing membership. (A good place to add more about the exact membership plan.) We really hope you'll join us:

(insert plan)

By subscribing you save + you can cancel anytime!

We can't wait to be a part of your lives month after month. :)

4.) Did you know you can make promo codes in Stripe? It's a nice touch to a launch email, a great incentive to get people to commit, and it's also nice to offer your first subscribers something special. Whether you want to make 25% off the first month or $10 off for the first three months, Stripe has you covered. Simply login to Stripe --> Products -->Coupons:

5.) Are you launching with a waitlist, and wondering what those emails should look like ahead of the big launch? It'll be pretty similar to the above, but instead you'll be using waitlist language. Recreotherapy's waitlist launch email is a nice example of this.

For waitlist launch emails you want to touch on these points:

-You want people to join the waitlist if it's of interest to them

-They will be the first to know when the plan is live and ready for them to subscribe

-You'd love it if they answered the survey questions when they join the waitlist, you want to collect their feedback to make the best possible plan

6.) Want to check out some great examples of Subkit launch emails? Smart!

-Perpetual Motion's launch post/email

-Lucky Penny's launch post/email

-Plentea's launch post/email

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