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Evelyn Wiseman
Evelyn WisemanPublished on December 03, 2021

This week we've got a mixed bag of helpfulness. Please enjoy this six-part potpourri of all things Subkit and subscription.

1.) Have you RSVPd for Wednesday's session with Danielle Finestone of @tofoodies? She's a solo entrepreneur who grew her instagram to 93k (and counting!) organically. She's going to tell us how she did it, as well as school us on how to deeply engage a community digitally. Go on, click Book!

2.) By popular demand, we've added a new feature to Subscription Plans on Subkit. The ability to make a plan invisible. This is perfect if you're running a plan with a max capacity. Once your plan is full, simply go in and edit the plan, scroll to the bottom and turn on Make this plan private.

3.) As Subkit continues to evolve, we're expanding our invite-only beta program. If you know of a small business owner who could be a perfect fit, please send them my way: Types of businesses that are seeing a lot of success with us include: Coffee + tea shops, florists, fitness and wellness instructors, writers, bakeries, chefs, artisanal food shoppes and more! Subscriptions should be part of all entrepreneur's 2022 plan.

4.) Speaking of your entrepreneur community, soon you're going to see a new little footer at the end of the emails you send through Subkit. It's a wee button that says Launch your own Subkit. We're all about growing and fostering our global community of entrepreneurs.

5.) Find inspiration in our Go Solo Stories, like this one about Afrocentric jewelry designer Tonya Cross.

6.) 'Tis the season for comfort food, and this recipe for latkes will not let you down. What does this have to do with subscriptions? Nada. Unless you know someone who wants to start a monthly latke delivery service, in which case sign me up. Sour cream over applesauce. Don't @ me, I know I'm right.

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