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Evelyn Wiseman
Evelyn WisemanPublished on November 05, 2021

This edition is for serious readers only. It's not for the skimmers, memers or audiophiles. *Take a look, it's in a book!

We're pulling out six valuable learnings from our existing playbooks. Which are actually not that long and happen to be super helpful subscription companions. So, get reading!

*The best. Duh.

1.) Define your headline benefit. Your subscription plan should be tightly focused around one key benefit. What is the thing you plan to offer to people? If you're a yoga teacher, it might be the yoga class. If you're a florist, it might be the floral arrangement. It's important to make sure that this, your headline benefit, is clear, specific, and singular.

2.) Nailing your price point is essential to building a subscription plan that works. Because subscriptions are a commitment, having the right offering for a price that feels fair is going to be critical in converting people to paid subscribers. You want to offer the exact thing, at the exact price, that your potential subscribers will go for. That's why we've built our waitlist feature. It helps you test your own market for what they're willing to pay for what you can offer.

3.) Even though most word-of-mouth marketing is done completely free-of-charge, a small incentive can go a long way. That's where our referral program comes in. Referral programs can spark word-of-mouth recommendations by encouraging satisfied subscribers to share your subscription plans with their peers. You get a new subscriber, they (both referrer and the referred) get a discount on your subscription plan. Everyone wins.

4.) Write good emails. That doesn't mean you have to be a professional writer. In fact, far from it. It means only that you need to be yourself, to write authentically and from the heart, and to find interesting and accessible ways to share your expertise with your email subscribers. Think of it this way: every free post you send is an opportunity to bring email subscribers into your world, and show them why what you do is worth putting their time and money into.

5.) From time-to-time, you do want to more actively persuade email subscribers to become paying subscribers. To do this, use deadlines (time-sensitive sales, limited-time offers) to inspire urgency, and motivate people to act. You can also tease subscriber-only content and experiences.

6.) If you've enjoyed the above, please take the time to dive into our playbooks: The Convert Instagram Followers Playbook, The Convert Email Subscribers Playbook, The Word of Mouth Playbook, and of course, The Launch Playbook.

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