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Your Subkit Six Pack

Evelyn Wiseman
Evelyn WisemanPublished on October 01, 2021

Before we get into this handy dandy six pack, a little reminder that next week we have a session on newsletter best practices. A skill we should all stay up to date on. We'll discuss send times, cadence, ideal subjects lines, and much, much more. Please RSVP now!

You're no slouch, you recognize the above colours. You know I'm about to talk about instagram. That's right! This week's sweet six things are all about how to convert your instagram followers into paying subscribers.

1.) Use Instagram's polls feature to see what kind of content most excites your audience or ask any pertinent questions to tweak your subscription plans for your community

2.) Leave thoughtful comments on the Instagram accounts of your target audience and/or influencers to try to get the attention of those who might be interested in what you're offering

3.) Post exciting behind the scenes content you're working on for your subscribers-only mailing list

4.) Use Instagram's Q&A feature to ask for your followers' email and add them to your mailing list for future newsletters and updates

5.) Hashtags in comments no longer function how they should, if you're going to use hashtags to get noticed they have to be in your caption

6.) Tag people you want to re-share your subscription goodness on instagram, hint we will always re-share your posts and stories

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