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Your Friday The 13th Six Pack

Evelyn Wiseman
Evelyn WisemanPublished on August 13, 2021

Your six pack's got a new look, oh yeah.

I thought I'd terrify you slightly on this Friday the 13th, but let's take back the narrative a bit. You've got big plans for your subscription business, and we're sending you all of our good luck. No bad luck here.

Let's get into it...

1.) Yes, this email is being sent through Subkit now. Have you played around in Posts recently? The functionality is incredible! Plus we want you to get used to interacting with this space, there is going to be a lot for entrepreneurs here soon
2.) Joelle Byrne drops some subscription knowledge as a guest writer for Go Solo. Are you a writer who also wants to drop some relevant knowledge with us? Let us know:
3.) Pricing properly comes up a lot as y'all ideate your subscription plans. Don't forget the Launch Playbook walks you through this, and there is even a bonus supporting doc at the bottom with expert pricing suggestions. Still stuck? You know I'm always here for you:
4.) Speaking of launches, launching never ends (which is way better than it sounds)
5.) Some luv
6.) Last and certainly not least, one of our First 50 entrepreneurs, Dion, is now making over $1k per month on Subkit! Actually, over $1300USD if we're being specific... Here's a Fast Five on the subscription life with Dion:

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