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Try, Try Again

Evelyn Wiseman
Evelyn WisemanPublished on August 12, 2021

Sometimes things don't go exactly as planned. But it's not too late to launch your perfect subscription business to get more real, recurring income. Let's work together and get your Subkit up and running! Let's all set a goal to be making meaningful money through our Subkits by the end of the summer! It's your time.

If you feel you're already trying, let's reexamine! Maybe you priced your plan not-quite-right, or maybe your didn't share it well enough with your leads + social. Maybe you just didn't quite explain your offerings. So what? This learnings stage happens to all small businesses. Let's learn from it and tweak it. It might feel like everyone saw your Subkit or social posts, but the truth is, unless humans are super invested in something, they don't remember.

In my decade of helping small businesses make the perfect virtual storefront to garner attention and make more money, I can only think of a handful of businesses who nailed it the first time. Even they still make minor changes from time to time to get it even more right.

Let's continue to work together and get you launched in a way that's functioning and you're excited about. You deserve it! Book a 1:1 with Evelyn to get you making meaningful recurring income by the end of the month!

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