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Sharing Is Money

Evelyn Wiseman
Evelyn WisemanPublished on April 22, 2022

It's been a minute, and we need to discuss something important...

After first sharing subscription plans with their community, most entrepreneurs get between 0-3 subscribers in the first week. Read that again.

Do these numbers sound lacklustre? They shouldn't! You're building an evolving community that's going to be with you for a long time, along with a new revenue stream. It's slow and steady work. Don't let these low numbers deter you at the start. You deserve more fruitful, passive income! And it's coming! Just slowly.

Share, Share, Share

1.) Send 2-3 mass community emails in your first month linking to your Subkit at the top of each newsletter, check out or launch email advice here

2.) Share your Subkit on social media 2-3 times per week for the first month, and then weekly after that

3.) If you send out deliveries or have a store or studio, use those places to tell people about your subscription plans! Be sure to put info about your subscribtion plans in shipments, at the register and/or at check-in points! Make a QR code for free and have printouts linking to your Subkit.

4.) DM all your regular customers and clients, the ones who will literally save by subscribing. They'll be stoked to hear about it.

5.) Have others share for you, make a referral program to speed up word of mouth:

Making promo codes in Stripe is great and you'll probably get a couple of new subscribers from those deals. But you want sustainable subscriber growth. Give your subscribers a reason to share by making a referal program where they save when they get you more subscribers. Everyone wins: the referrer, the referral and you. Head on over to Marketing --> Referral Programs in your Subkit and get one set up today.

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