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Terry McDougall
Terry McDougallPublished on January 19, 2022

Hi everyone, I’m Terry from suburban Chicago. I'm really excited to welcome you to the "Winner's Circle with Coach Terry."

I have a passion for helping smart and hard-working professionals balance career success with a high degree of happiness and satisfaction in their lives overall.

I live a mile from Lake Michigan with my husband, Scott, kids, and 15-year-old puggle. I love hiking, going to concerts, hanging with friends, reading, writing, and painting.

What I really live for is learning, connecting, and creating. I love getting to know new people to hear their stories and their dreams, and then doing what I can to help their dreams come true.

After a long career in marketing I left the corporate world in 2017. Today, I mine the lessons I learned the hard way to help others get unstuck in their careers and move forward with ease and confidence.

If your career is important to you and you'd like to create more balance between professional success and personal satisfaction, then get in touch and sign up for my mailing list... I'll be sharing some great tips, tricks, and some future services that I'm sure you'll love.

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