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Personal and Spiritual Development

Chipochemeso Shambare
Ottawa, ON, Canada

In my 15 years of practicing as a nurse and Midwife on three different continents - I have found that women especially divorced single moms, all over the world struggle with stress, physical, emotional pain, anxiety, and insomnia. As a nurse, I could help some of them with traditional medicine. Still, the traditional approaches didn’t work for many of them. So what I do now is help people find the real source of their pain. Then release it using alternative, natural and spiritual methods and medicine that don’t involve drugs. People can finally be pain and stress-free when nothing else seems to work. My work is self-healing because I have had poor health since birth and have had at least four near-death experiences, including the first one at delivery. Over time, I have taken part and responsibility for my health and healing. I have taken 100% responsibility for every aspect of my business.

Personal, Spiritual, and Emotional Discovery and Development, including self-knowledge, acceptance through healing, and discovering who they truly are. Inspiring empowering magic of self-discovery and having fun.

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