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We are all inmigrants!

Claudia Miraglia
Claudia MiragliaPublished on May 25, 2021

We are all immigrants at some point in our lives, either in the literal sense of the word or also, if we have had to start from scratch in a certain area of life.

A migration is a flow of life capable of feeding cultures and civilizations and has been a fundamental piece in the construction of the modern world that we know.

Emigrating implies leaving a lot behind. Having the courage to seek new opportunities will be one of the most deeply psychological decisions you can make in your life.

This experience of migrating has given you a higher level of consciousness. It happens in a flow of emotions and conflicts, personal needs and concerns, a lot of hope and a bit of discouragement. A contrast between your wishes and real opportunities.

Being an immigrant takes you into a deep emotional process. Your emotions and reactions change as you immerse yourself in this process. Keep in mind that you will always have strong ties with your country of origin, but in this new one you will gradually create new ties and bonds despite how difficult the adaptation process can be.

Almost 3 years ago I left Venezuela, life opened new paths for me in other destinations and I was fortunate to return to the land of my ancestors: Italy. Not everything has been easy, there are days when I still feel - as they call me here - "The American", then I remember that divine grace has a purpose for me and so I take one day at a time.

Take one day at a time, live deeply and intensely the emotions that are unleashed when experiencing a migratory process. This is a grief that, if you don't go through it, resolve it, and recover from it could have significant consequences for your mental health.

Seek professional help and support. Share with me your grief, if it helps you: I am here for you. You will not be the same after this experience, but this is all part of your evolution and change.

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