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Life is like a fridge

Claudia Miraglia
Claudia MiragliaPublished on May 25, 2021

Life is often like a refrigerator: there are times in which we have everything and more and there are others in which we have little and we must manage and be creative. You probably think this may all sound crazy, but I could see the connection perfectly the other day. I had a lot of work and I couldn't do the shopping, I was quite hungry and I had to make a meal with what little I had in my fridge ... The result was a meal that in my opinion was delicious, putting together everything that was left.

Life is exactly like a fridge! There are times when we have to search and delve to find what we have inside us.

The COR Method is just that, an invitation to work within yourself. Knowing the depths of your being to identify the resources that you have available in the different stages of life and the tests that are presented.

The method, like you, is always in constant update.

Invoke your personal power and the ability you have - and we all have within - to heal yourself. Identify your resources to handle the challenges that this 21st century and life is presenting.

Focus your thoughts on everything you do have and you will see how little by little your way of seeing the outside world changes. Life is demanding constant evolution and change from us, how are you handling this?

I want to remind you that despite the circumstances you go through, it is possible to achieve a full, creative and harmonious existence. Inside you have all the fresh tools to achieve it, you just have to realize it.

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