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Fostering emotionally intelligent behavior in teams

Claire Read
Denver, CO, USA

Claire has a PhD in Organizational Systems Transformation from Saybrook University, is a registered psychotherapist in Colorado with a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology, and is a Canadian Coach Federation Certified Coach Professional (CCP). Claire has worked across cultures with corporations, government agencies, and non-profit entities building teams, coaching leaders, and providing training in group wellbeing.  As a trained facilitator of the Prosocial Matrix Process, Claire is adept at working with start-up teams to build a strong collaborative culture from the outset and to bring stuck teams back into engagement, collaboration, and high performance.  With a passion for uncovering the nonconscious emotional material that often gets in people’s way, Claire provides the teams with which she works the skills and knowledge to better understand emotional processes, how these show up in the team environment, affect behavior, and destroy team synergy.  Training in the Prosocial Process provides a framework that immediately alleviates toxic team situations, building a strong spirit of resonance and collaboration.  She is available for training, consultation, and coaching support.

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