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Myra Yonlia
Myra YonliaPublished on June 20, 2022

Hi there, I'm Dr. Myra Yonlia, Biology PhD, Chrono Nutrition Expert, Certified Nutritionist, Certified Weight Loss Professional, and Life Coach.

I help people regain and optimize their health, manage a chronic disease and lose weight by using chrono biology science principles and latest discoveries in human nutrition. I work with individuals who want to improve and regain their health, rejuvenate their organism and feel and look young again. I also work with families who want to improve their eating habits, reduce the stress of meal planning and cooking, as well as with companies who want their employees be healthier, more productive and satisfied with their jobs.

My mission

My mission is simple. To make living according to principles of chrono nutrition easy and sustainable for the whole family. As a biologist and nutritionist I understand the science behind the chrono biological approach to nutrition and have witnessed true health and wellness transformation in my clients as well as in my family members and friends after starting to live the chrono way. Let me tell you one more thing: I was my first client and everything I talk about is from my personal experience with chrono nutrition.

Helping people to empower themselves and head in a new direction in life is what gets me excited. What I love the most about working with people is that I help them achieve and preserve optimal physical and mental health, improve the quality of life and prevent and relieve metabolic disorders.

So if you're interested in learning more how to enjoy healthy life by following simple chrono nutrition rules-hit the button below and sign up for my mailing list. I'll be sharing some great tips, tricks, and some future services and programs I'm sure you'll love.

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My Monthly newsletter with exclusive health & wellness tips and nutrition advice based on chrono biology science. I will also send special updates and occasional handouts and meal plans based on your interests and questions.

Monthly 60-minute group online Q&A session where I will answer your questions. So I encourage you to send me questions in advance via email and during the live sessions, so I can give you answers either during the session, as a special post or a newsletter topic. All this is priced less than a Follow-up appointment if you work with me 1-on-1.

As a premium member you will additionally access personalized 2-week meal plan and an hour of 1-on-1 coaching with me each month (priced at $340), which saves you $170/month.

Regardless of the membership you choose, you will get support and guidance, actionable tips and relevant information, and you will become a part of an awesome community.

I am looking forward to support you in your successful health and wellness journey!


Dr. Myra Yonlia, PhD

Chrono Biology Nutritionist

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